Wednesday, December 29, 2010


with two days left in the year, a lot has been going around about "best of 2010." whether it be music, celebrity news, news in general, or my personal favorite, the best dressed... around this time we always like to pay homage to what was the best, and sometimes, the worst. my own year has definitely had it's best and worsts, all of which have made 2010 a growing one. but without it, i believe the following year would not have the same potential it has. 

so in true spirit (and to make up for the lack of photos in my last post)...

in 2010...

{constants became un-constant. in may, my big & grandbig graduated}

{gained an incredible little, whom without i'd have a lot less laughter and hugs}

{gave domestic violence a one-two punch}

{went to a fraternity formal weekend & gained countless laughs}

{made mistakes & sang somethin' country on the nissan lawn}

{celebrated a start to the summer with a getaway to delaware with my mom}

{threw what i knew at a nationals game}

{became a mexican while catching up with old friends}

{touched the sky in denver, colorado}

{celebrated the end of a sweet summer with a vacation to hilton head island, sc}

{made a house into a home}

{raised $8,900 for alzheimer's at uv nights}

{learned that quality is better than quantity}

{found my family}

{gave back & went to a dungeon}

{just "suz'd" it during homecoming 2010}

{...and the obvious, turned the big two-one}

{celebrated a championship}

much love to all of you & the best of fun on new year's eve! after nearly two weeks straight of work, i will be quietly celebrating at home with lo mein & my favorite bottle of champagne... but right now, nothing sounds more appealing. 

hear from you in the new year <3

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