Monday, December 6, 2010


after returning back to the grind after an uneventful week of tryptophan, seconds & thirds, friends and family, i quickly made a countdown to what was a very eventful weekend in charlotte for the acc championship game. for a college student and diehard hokie football fan, this was the pinnacle of the season and was easily one of the best weekends of my college years. legally able to experience the greatness of city bars, we saw all there was to see of charlotte including your typical overpriced drinks but great music and even better dancing. 

grabbing dinner at a restaurant near the hotel
top & skirt - 

there is something funny about nightlife that i never experienced before, either the rush of movement of the crowds or the blaring music or the simple fact that i was able to enjoy myself in place that i didn't automatically recognize, it got my heart racing and beaming for what's ahead. 

nightclub in charlotte
leather jacket - nordstrom

after a night that seemed relatable to one on the hangover, i was ready to get my game face on. sadly, as i decided to forsake my fashion for the sake of my health and to stay dry, i opted for a more weather-friendly game day outfit including my knee-length winter jacket, several layers and leggings, all of which still didn't seem to keep the chills at bay. 

gearing up for the championship
dress - forever 21, scarf - j.crew, denali north face jacket - dick's sporting goods

and as another football season comes to a close, i drove back home thinking... next year, it will be my last. but then a second thought immediately follows. that's the whole point of these weekends away? what would it be if we were stuck in a perpetual groundhog's day life? constantly repeating, never progressing... it doesn't seem too interesting to me. so how about it... live a little, wear that top you always save for that perfect night but never pull out of the closet, treat yourself to that pedicure. it's always too late to live in the past, but it's never too late to live in the present. 

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