Sunday, December 19, 2010

'tis the season

as i turned in my last scantron and finally hit my bed instead of my management textbook, finals week turned into the best time of the year... winter break. for an entire month, i can dedicate myself to nothing but sleeping & watching hbo, with working here & there before the festive holiday hits this saturday. 

but this break didn't start according to plans. 

as i woke up thursday morning, i didn't have one of those "excited to wake up to snow" feelings. to see that blanket of snow cover the back patio of my sorority house only made me queery. i had been wanting to get home and sleep in my own bed since finals started, yet within an overnight low-pressure systems that brought five inches and a glazing of ice to my front door, i was pressed to reconsider my return date.

despite my joyous mood, i toured the house to find the leftover house girls in our great room (special name for living room) congregating with the same irritable feeling. yet, being in the company of others, especially those in a similar situation, suddenly brightened my mood. 

to make the long story short, the day that could have very well been one where i sat in my room and ate and felt sorry about myself turned into one that gave me a great opportunity to have some serious sister time. not one filled with recruitment or meeting procedure, but an entire day filled with having fun, laughing and getting to know each other even better than we did before. from noon that day to two in the morning that night, we had our own little snow day and it couldn't have been more memorable. 

now, as i am faced with mall goers and holiday humbugs, as well as adjusting back to being with my parents for an extended period of time, i have to remind myself that happy times DO exist as long as we let them. an attitude has a huge impact on your memories, it can either brighten them or taint them forever. so in the spirit of the holiday season, i suggest looking at the world sunny side up- as this is the one season filled with joy and miracles, forgiveness and gratitude, family and great holiday music, it goes by too quickly to pass up.

happy holidays everyone! 

{opening my american girl doll on christmas day, a favorite christmas memory to date}

and just as buddy the elf said...
"the best way to spread christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear"

{my all-time favorite christmas tree at rockefeller center...
this picture does not give it justice}

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