Friday, December 10, 2010

cram time

it's pretty typical of most college students to feel the stress of those last few weeks of school, even more so when you decide that football & tots tuesdays have taken precedence over your schoolwork for the past month. however, i justify my behavior by thinking... katie couric said her procrastination helped her become the news journalist she is today. if katie can do it, so can i. 

sadly though, i'm coming to terms with the fact that i am no katie couric and a typical college student who procrastinates only to leave exam week to be one unmatched, with all nighters, outlines & overuse of my hootie & the blowfish pandora station. 

when i study, i always opt for the most comfortable outfit you could imagine. sweats, uggs, & my sorority grateful dead t-shirt. it's not pretty, but if i have one week where i am the rule and not the exception by looking like a hot mess... then why not take advantage?

taking a much needed break after 4 straight hours of studying
(wearing my favorite shirt- a sorority passdown, grateful dead shirt) 

as this isn't my first finals week, i have grown to be an expert in cramming & studying until my eyes blur. i have pulled so many all nighters it is almost a natural decision and even my own family knows not to call me until i walk out of that last exam for fear of a screaming fit. yet despite all my blunders, i always manage to pass my classes & keep breathing with these simple (and unexpected) rules: 

1. take time to do something completely mindless for 10% of the time you study. like today, i stared at the wall without a thought in my mind. it makes you a better thinker when you actually have to think. 

2. eat your stress. froyo & wendy's are my fave picks.
 and quite possibly any food that is near reach at any given time. 

3. be with people. you may think they distract you, but like exercising with friends, they actually push you. and you can push them. 

4. quiz yourself with ridiculous questions in between "actual" questions. such as, "why is h shaped as an h?" it has a strange way of clearing your head. 

5. day dream. in the past hour i have planned a vacation and a wedding to my hubby, adam levine, all in my head. 

6. take some time for yourself. self pedicure. shower (you should do that regardless, if at all possible). deep condition your hair. organize your closest. the more together YOU are, the more together everything else is... or at least appears. 

7. remind yourself that it's an exam. you aren't being put through torture (although it may feel like it at times) and you will survive, body & soul, regardless of the grade. 

good luck with all your finals!  & for your personal enjoyment (well, mainly mine... let's be honest): 

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