Tuesday, November 23, 2010

it's about the... hair!

just this afternoon i did my usual 8 to 10 week routine at the hair salon, which is always something to look forward to. i turn my phone on silent, pick up a magazine, & am able to spend four hours doing literally nothing but getting pampered. more than that, i love getting the chance to switch up my hairstyle. it may not be noticeable to anyone else, but i certainly feel the change. whether it be a couple inches off, new bangs, or different layers i always leave feeling like a new person, completely re-inspired & re-energized. and the fact that my hair feels incredibly soft doesn't hurt either! which by the way, i have NEVER figured out how stylists manage to do that, i have literally tried every product but nothing seems to ever get that post-salon style.

as homage to great hairstyles that have inspired me & others throughout the years, here's a collection that i consider my go to styles...

jennifer's (here look at me go on first-name/pretend like i know her basis) hair style & color is always impeccable. i don't know how she does it, well i do... it involves being a top paid movie star that would leave any stylist dying to touch those locks. 

sjp has been a girl i look up to in more ways than one, including her divine hair. long or short, she always impresses me. (also-if you start to notice a pattern... i am somewhat in love with curly locks)

is she somewhat in need of guidance? yes. does she have insanely great hair? even more yes. if you ask me, what a waste of good hair! as a ginger myself, i have always adored lindsay's original color. i hope with time she will go back to her roots, if you know what i mean. 

she may be a sworn enemy on the episodes of the city, but i have got to admit olivia palermo has style. this was my most recent inspiration for my haircut (view below). since my hair does tend to frizz in the summer and i don't have the time to manage it as much as i'd like, i prefer the shorter styles in the winter then have it grow back out just in time for the humidity to hit. 

(excuse the background, i love going home to a room that looks the exact same as it did when i was thirteen)

for those traveling tomorrow & thursday along with the rest of the weekend, safe travels & a happy thanksgiving! 

much love

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