Sunday, January 2, 2011

a new year, a ________ me

 whenever the clock strikes midnight on december 31st... a new year has begun and it allows us to click the refresh button in our lives, our bodies, our wardrobe, our attitude... what have you. like many of you, my resolutions for each year tend to be like any other, lose the holiday weight gain, be more sociable, be less sociable and work harder, etcetera, etcetera. 

this year however, i plan to do my resolutions not as a way to improve or better myself, but to simple enjoy myself. and with that in mind, i hope that i can make that time to really just do something enjoyable, by my standards, every day. 

a few examples have come to my mind.

{get back on that elliptical & get those endorphins running}

{start something i have never done before, possibly hot yoga or painting}

{be open minded}

{take more photos of nothing}

{love someone with all my heart}

{wear something i love everyday}
{learn that uggs are the enemy}

{accept my awkwardness & make something of it}
{learn that conquering the world isn't all that important}

{but being with loved ones is}

{take my mind off my phone & computer and into something way more valuable}

{put  60% of my effort into school,  40 % into all else}
{110% into love}

{be someone i can be proud of}  
{talk less, listen more, care equally} 

it's a hard list, but one of which that is in continuation from 2010 and the resolutions i make up for myself everyday. they don't have deadline, they aren't goals and they certainly aren't dreams either. they are just guidelines to keep my life in order when all else seems to be in complete disorder.

much love & peace

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