Sunday, May 15, 2011

worker bee

it's that time of year again... as i headed up the long interstate drive, i made my trip home for the summer filled with an almost ground hogs day resemblance of plans for the next three months. however, this time won't be filled with leading around the world at camp or working late nights unpacking merchandise (well, possibly). this summer i landed a great internship, surely possible the only apparel-related internship on the east coast that is paid. and as excited as i am, i can't help but be a little anxious as this is so different from anything i have ever done before. it will i'm sure have it's challenges, but i am more than looking forward to learning from it & taking it any experience i can. 

with a change of pace & pattern, for nearly the first time i will be going to work without a strict dress code. no stuffy white button downs or uncomfortable bathing suits or awkwardly bright t-shirts (no offense to those who i am referring to!)... this time, i get to dabble with my own style. while realizing that this internship is still a job and i am still a professional, i know my limits, but i can't help but get a little excited. for the past couple weeks, i have done a little research and come up with these basic starts to what i plan to wear, enjoy! 

with a larger pear shaped body that i was born into, which has only gotten worse over the college years of beer and fried foods... i have not been a fan of shorts up until recently. but if they fit right and have a loose light feel, they may just be the best choice for a casual day at work. the one trick is to sure that they are a appropriate length. if you are having trouble deciding what that is, ask your mother or conservative friend (we all have at least one).
forever 21 oversized woven shirt, loose fitting shorts.

with a dress at work, you don't want to stand out so much that customers may be overwhelmed & perhaps a little intimidated... seems crazy but it can be true!
T Los Angeles Raglan Dress - South Moon Under

outfits shouldn't be too fuzzy, so avoid frills or ruffles at all costs. now is the time to try things on and see what is most comfortable because it's a guarantee you'll be doing some work in whatever you choose to wear. if you still want the drama, pick a bright color that is a for certain trend this season like 
the Leith Silk Habutai Blouse from Nordstrom seen here.

similarly to the above selection, color blocking is a great way to make a bold fashion statement versus an inappropriate statement of any other kind. it's simple and when you are in a rush to beat the traffic of work, it's an easy & effortless choice. diane von furstenberg "reara" color block dress.

when choosing accessories, do much like the main pieces & go simple. the more fussy it is, the more complicated it will look and the worse it may feel. you are going to want to be as confident as possible to show them what you've got this summer; let your outfit be a reason to set you above, not below the rest!  

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