Tuesday, May 17, 2011

what about love

  it may be the news of what was seemingly one of the strongest couples in the public eye, arnold schwarzenegger and maria shriver, are "separated" or just the fact that i have watched way too many unrequited romance movies lately... but i have been down on my luck about "romance" or any of the like for quite some time. 

now, as i commonly tell my friends, my personal life is not one for the world to see and would never end up on this website; however, when i get down on love despite all these exciting things going on (which trust me, i am so incredibly thankful for!) it gives me a little warm feeling inside to see these famous couples, who i am sure have gone & go through it all, survive day by day. so although i may see them on the front page of us weekly the next day breaking the news of their split after years of marriage, i know that although breaking up goes through the pain, it teaches you something for the next go around, so when you do finally meet who or what was meant for you, it feels right and you know it is right... and isn't that the whole point of life after all? 

in homage to some of my favorite couples (some fictitious, of course)

{without the glitz & glam of paparazzi following their every move, these couples prove love lasts}

{i held my breath thinking reality show couples curse, but by the looks of it... they both seem on their game ready to handle whatever life brings as them. pun intended!}

{ahhh... love story. that is all!}

 {by far my favorite music couple, not only do they kill on stage both as a duet and solo, tim mcgraw and faith hill have some serious chemistry years after they've been married.}

{everyone needs a ross to their rachel}

{classic love story of my generation}

{they may be a little too much for some people, but it proves that as talented and professional as they are, they aren't afraid to let loose every so often!}

the end. <3


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