Thursday, May 26, 2011

almost there

by this time next week, i will be starting my internship! since i returned home from the hectic life at school, i have gone from being excited to nervous to anxious all the way back to excited about this internship. at the very least, it will get me out of my house and doing something productive. 

i spoke with the manager of my assigned department today and found that this program may be worth more than i originally gave it credit for. i will be in cosmetics, which was surprising but nevertheless all the more exciting since that seems to be the one scope of this huge fashion industry i have never indulged in. when speaking with the manager, i spoke of my concerns related to the lack of experience i do have in applying make up, but she did not seem the least bit worried. i will mainly be learning the brands and shadowing her to get an idea of how managing a department works up until the anniversary sale. she did also give me the option to work in the skin & fragrance area of the department, but i am hopeful that i will learn a little bit of everything within the wonderful world of cosmetics! it's always something that has excited me, & know i will get the great opportunity of learning all about it. 

now of course, this by no means takes away from what i has been my passion since i was twelve as i plan to take careful notice of what's going on in the store, what people are buying, and what interests them as consumers not simply just within either cosmetics or apparel, but as a whole. it should be a learning experience indeed & one that doesn't seem to involve running around meaningless errands, which is something you don't find everyday interning in the fashion industry. 

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