Saturday, May 21, 2011

why not

after a week of next to complete boredom, which included a daily routine of waking up at the crack of ten in the morning (just in time for kathie lee & hoda), heading to the gym, then returning to reorganize my closet led me to thinking that i need to put my energy somewhere where it matters. since i'm not planning on having much time to sew and design following the start of my internship, i wanted to give my new machine a whirl and start putting things together.  it could very well be a complete & utter disaster, but i have everything on my side... including nothing to do and a lot of time for whatever mistakes that come my way. 

to start off on gradually & since this is a new machine i have never used before (brother ls2250prw), i wanted to do something simple and similar to what i have done before. so considering my length of expertise runs as deep as the chances of the world ending today, my options are very few & far between. i recently made a long, gathered skirt with an elastic waistband and considering that the long peasant skirt is a hot item this summer, i immediately leaned towards it. 

{american apparel}

 {long pleated skirt, south moon under}

my goal is to eventually create a couple pieces by the end of the summer, which is mainly dependent on how well this project goes. so, here goes nothing! 

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