Thursday, February 24, 2011

cruise line

in about one week, i will be road tripping down to florida for the typical college spring break. it is hard to believe that it's already time to pack the bags and hit up the sand, especially by the looks of my nearly albino-like skin... and my empty suitcase. 

this year i decided to cross off an item on my bucket list and scream "i'm on a boat!" while actually on a boat. plus, it's where i'll be joined at port with over 40 of my sorority sisters and my closest friends, so i consider it an opportunity i couldn't pass up. but there is one issue. i have not a clue what to wear. throughout the years, i've had vacations in new york, colorado, and obviously, a whole lot of beaches. but otherwise than a cruise trip turned horror story when i was eleven which i thankfully hardly remember, i have never been on a cruise. for the fear of being nagging, i have steered clear of asking my friends, but at the same time, i'm at a loss of direction. 

yet, after a little online research, i have found some direction... and added a few items to my packing list. 

1) long skirt

{a little bit of flow and flirt}

2) stripes, stripes, and more stripes

{playing up the nautical theme}

3) cocktail attire


{who said cocktail has rules?}

4) clog heels

{no reason... but they're shoes}

5) flippy floppys & a floppy hat

{sun protection, obviously}

6) oversized sunglasses

{yes, victoria beckham style}

7) color me up swimsuit

{looking at vs swim models makes me slightly depressed, but if the suit fits...}

8) suncreen

{i have had enough dermatologist appointments to last me a lifetime}

i hope if you were lost like myself, this list provides a little bit more direction! good luck & happy cruisin'!

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